A major transition is a turning point in life. While it can be difficult, it can also be the catalyst for personal growth, spiritual awakening and positive transformation.   Turning a difficult life transition into a positive life transformation is what TurningPoints is all about.

TurningPoints is a life transition coaching practice for individuals going through divorce, becoming widowed, losing key employment or retiring.  When life circumstances change, the future is suddenly very unclear.   Familiar roles are gone, and personal identity is lost. Yet, during transition, important life decisions must be made, often under stress without clarity, full understanding or inner peace about the choices. It can be confusing, even overwhelming.

Through TurningPoints, I offer confidential, one-on-one consultation to guide the individual going through the maze of personal struggles and difficult decisions inherent in making a major life transition. My background as a North Carolina licensed attorney, Certified Financial Planner®, corporate executive, Stephen Minister and life transition survivor myself helps the client explore issues from several perspectives, see the big picture and make positive choices that can turn transition into transformation.

Margaret S. Glass
Life Transitions Advisor

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