About Us

I established TurningPoints as an active life transitions coaching and advisory practice in 2005 after several years of helping people in difficult transitions.

Financial services clients, friends, family members, business and professional colleagues, church members, sometimes even strangers, shared their stories with me. Sometimes, they wanted information or expertise.  Sometimes, they wanted a sounding board to bounce some ideas around or a recommended referral to some other needed resources. Sometimes, they just wanted to really be heard by a compassionate and nonjudgmental soul. Most of the time, they wanted someone to guide them through the complexities and confusion of transition, keeping them on the main road and away from the perils and pitfalls along the way. The more I work with people in life transitions, the more certain I am that this is my true calling in life.

Officially, TurningPoints is:

  • TurningPoints, LLC
  • a North Carolina limited liability company
  • incorporated in 2003
  • Margaret S. Glass, Owner

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