About You

TurningPoints is here because of you. You are welcome and respected here in an atmosphere that is professional but relaxed, friendly and affirming, not intimidating, judgmental or condescending.

It is my belief that every person is a child of God with an inherent right and calling to live an authentic life as a unique part of God’s creation, in other words, to be the whole person you really are inside. A dramatic change in life circumstances challenges us and gives us the opportunity to discover and reconnect with that authentic person we were created to be. 

In transition, perhaps the “you” you thought you were has changed so much, maybe even disappeared completely.  The new “you” is emerging.  It is so easy at this point to let current circumstances define who you are and create an identity for you. It can be a trap that limits your beliefs, your vision and your actions. 

At TurningPoints, your circumstances simply present challenges to be addressed, but they are not “you”. They do not define who you are.  Together, we examine the realities of your current circumstances as opportunities to embrace or problems to be solved, but we don’t stop there. Together, we also look beyond your current circumstances to discover the real you and then find ways to create the life that’s right for you.

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