Mutual commitment is the glue that bonds a relationship and makes it strong.

The personal nature of our work together at TurningPoints makes our mutual commitment as coach/ advisor and client absolutely essential, beginning with our mutual commitments to each other of mutual trust, mutual honesty and mutual respect. 

As coach/advisor, my additional commitments to you are

  • to apply my personal and professional knowledge, skills and experience on your behalf to the best of my ability
  • to keep all aspects of our working relationship completely confidential except as directed by you or required by law (see Privacy Policy)
  • to begin and end our meetings on time
  • to be fully present during our time together without distractions
  • to listen to you, seeking always to understand
  • to do my homework on your behalf and deliver as promised
  • to appy positive, independent and creative thinking
  • to solve problems, not create them
  • to speak truthfully without judging
  • to share your transition journey with care and compassion

As client, your additional commitments are

  • to begin and end our meetings on time
  • to come to meetings prepared to be fully engaged
  • to maintain a dedicated TurningPoints notebook or journal and bring it to our meetings
  • to be considerate of my personal time when communicating outside our meetings
  • to make timely payment of fees
  • to let me know along the way if there is anything about working together that is not working for you or if you are ready to move on
  • to be open and honest about your circumstances, your needs,  your concerns, your hopes and your feelings at all times
  • to take 100% ownership of your choices and 100% responsibility for your life
  • to look for opportunities for positive transformation in your life transition

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