Laurie’s Story

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My children were ages 1, 2, 4, and 6 when I suddenly became a young widow and found myself focused entirely on them for the next 17 years as a single mom. I sacrificed my career, my energy, my time, my everything. Their needs dictated my direction in life. 

When my youngest turned 19, I suddenly felt lost, alone, and confused about who I was and where I was going. I was scared because my finances were becoming depleted, and I was going to have to enter the job force after a 20 year hiatus. My skills were outdated.  I knew no one for leads as I had moved to a new town where the schools were good for the children but which brought me to an unfamiliar area.  I prayed for God to give me direction. 

I soon met Peggy who helped me find myself once again. She helped me define what my talents are, what I have to offer, and where my passion lies.  I was given clarity and steps to take to begin a new life.  Peggy helped me to see that I could actually start my own business. She offered some practical advice to help me get it started, led me to my first client and even had another client lined up for me "when I was ready". (I appreciated that she was sensitive to my timing and not pressuring me). I was encouraged to improve my skills with supplemental education courses and was given moral support and motivation when I had moments of discouragement.  I never would have had the confidence to start my own business before Peggy opened my eyes to my hidden potential.

I now have hope for a bright and productive future.  I know who I am now, and I know where I'm going. Thank you, Peggy, for what you do in TurningPoints.  I feel God answered my prayer. 

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