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Peggy helped me through a very rough time in my life, specifically a contentious divorce.   My divorce brought a spiritual, emotional and financial upheaval into my life which Peggy, with her clarity of vision and deep inner strength, helped me see and understand.   Peggy has a gift for seeing through the emotional pain, listening to what you are saying, then helping you to see your own situation with greater clarity.

Recently, my ex-wife decided to move out of the state and take our 11 year old daughter with her.   I was faced with an impossible choice: either let my daughter go with my ex-wife or take my ex-wife to court immediately to fight for full custody.   It was an excruciating struggle making the decision. 

Peggy was there for me throughout.    We talked through my hopes and fears about my situation. We examined my options, including creating options I had not considered before.   Peggy’s skills as a listener and an empathizer were invaluable for guiding me through this very emotional situation.   Because of her financial and legal background, she helped me look at my options realistically, to consider the financial, emotional and relationship toll that a protracted and bitter custody battle would take and to recognize how much fear and anger were influencing my thinking.

I was eventually able to work out a satisfactory arrangement with my ex-wife for my daughter’s care with a sense of personal integrity and inner peace. Of course, I miss my daughter when she’s not with me in person but now, as I enjoy a closer relationship with my older daughter and see my younger daughter growing up with relative cooperation between her parents, I know I made the right choice.

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