Working Together

So, what would it be like to work together? How would we get started?  How long will it take?  It’s natural to have questions like these at the start of any new client/advisor working relationship, so here’s an overview.

Our first meeting, usually for about an hour, gives each of us the opportunity to become acquainted with the other person, to explore your expectations and my services and to decide whether we both feel TurningPoints is a good fit for you.  You certainly want to work with someone you enjoy talking with, respect, trust and believe can help you gets the results you want.  I want to be sure that we have good rapport and that I can give you the services you want and need. We’ll review important policies and the commitments we would make to each other as client and coach/advisor. I do not charge a fee for this first get acquainted meeting.

Once we decide to work together, we’ll set up a time to get started to gather background information and frame the issues you want us to address. The content of our meetings together will vary according to your needs, blending information, advice, coaching, guidance, helpful tools, practical wisdom and spiritual perspectives.  I may ask you some hard questions along the way, always with the utmost respect. As we close a meeting, we’ll take a couple of minutes to recap and plan for our next meeting.  Clients usually find it helpful to use a separate notebook to record information, questions and insights as we go along.

I work with my clients on a monthly basis for a set monthly advisory fee which is payable in advance at the beginning of the month.   There is no minimum number of months required for us to work together. 

My basic monthly services include two two-hour meetings with the client, availability for a reasonable amount of telephone and e-mail communication with the client throughout the month as needed, researching issues and information for the client as needed and finding appropriate referral resources for the client as needed.   I also offer a second tier of services which includes four meetings each month.  There is a separate fee for my participation in a   meeting with the client’s other advisors outside of the client’s regular meetings during the month, but occasional brief telephone or e-mail communications with the client’s other advisors is included in my basis fee.  

I chose the set fee arrangement for several reasons. First, it lets my clients know in advance what they can expect to pay for TurningPoints life transitions coaching and advisory services with no surprises. In the transitioner’s world which often seems to be spinning out of control, this arrangement offers one refreshing bit of certainty. I also wanted to make it worry-free for the client to call me or e-mail me as needed during the month by eliminating any concern about being billed for the additional time.  Additionally, by keeping my administrative system simple, I can focus more time and energy on helping my clients which is why I started TurningPoints in the first place.

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